Kat Graham & Candice Accola dance, filmed by Nina Dobrev [The Vampire Diaries]

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Name of song : Holiday By MADONNA

This is a video, or you can see Katerina Graham and Candice Accola, actresses from the series The Vampire Diaries. She participate in a course in dance. She dance on the title of Madonna, Holiday. They are filmed by Nina Dobrev, also actress of the series.
In real life, Katerina, Candice and Nina have become very good friend, they loves the dance, they are passionate.

For those who do not know:
The Vampire Diaries is a dramatic-fantasy television series created by American Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. She is inspired by the novels The Diary of a Vampire L. J. Smith, but revealed new characters very different books. It is broadcast from September 10, 2009 on The CW.

For those who have requested , the names of the characters in the series are
Katerina Graham: Bonnie Bennett
Candice Accola: Caroline Forbes
Nina Dobrev: Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce

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