FULL - Borat dressed as Donald Trump Interrupts Mike Pence at CPAC 2020, Five Camera Angles

Просмотров: 2 164 583 • 30.10.2020
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#DonaldTrump #MikePence #Borat #Trump #CPAC Dressed as President Donald Trump, Sacha Baron Cohen(portraying Borat) crashes CPAC 2020, and offers the Vice President, "Michael Pennis", a girl - his own daughter, apparently. This upload features every single raw footage camera angle of the incident I could find, and contains the complete encounter. Watch until the end to see the fake Trump being escorted out of the premises by security guards - and the crowd's "subsequent" reaction. This was filmed for 'Boart 2: A Subsequent Moviefilm' back in February. The sequel drops on October 23rd on Amazon Prime Video.