GAME OF THRONES - RESUMEN 6ª TEMPORADA. v.o.s.e. Season 6 Recap

Просмотров: 783 583 • 30.10.2020
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Recopilación de secuencias, a modo resumen, de la 6ª temporada de la serie Juego de Tronos. Recomendable activar SUBTÍTULOS y activar CALIDAD HD, disponible en 720p y 1080p. Los autores de la música están informados en esta descripción y en los créditos del vídeo. Gracias por vuestro tiempo y espero que os guste.
Compilation of sequences as a summary, of the 6th season of the series Game of Thrones. Advisable to activate SUBTITLES and power QUALITY HD, available in 720 p and 1080 p. The authors of the music are informed in this description and in the credits of the video. Thank you for your time and I hope you like it.
00:00:08 Twelve Titans Music ( On the Shore of Forever)
00:00:32 Alexandre desplat (Lily´s Theme)
00:01:13 Twelve Titans Music ( On the Shore of Forever)
00:03:15 Twelve Titans Music (Artifice)
00:05:50 Brian Tyler (Into Eternity)
00:08:37 Inmediate Music (Versus)
00:10:18 Hi-Finesse (Event Horizon)
00:13:01 Hi-Finesse (Odyssey)
00:15:30 Ursine Vulpine (Arcanine)
00:20:13 Hans Zimmer (A Small Measure of Peace)
00:23:26 Mark Isham (The Trial of Solomon Grundy)
00:25:36 Zack Hemsey (The Way),
00:30:33 John Murphy (The End)
00:32:37 :Really Slow Motion (Day vs Night)
00:35:16 Tom Player (Desolation)
00:36:50 Ramin Djawadi (Hold The Door),
00:38:26 Audiomachine (When It All Falls Down)
00:40:27 Swann. vs Star Wars (Paradisium)
00:42:06 Ramin Djawadi (Light of the Seven)
00:44:12 Hi-Finesse (Edge of Twilight)
00:45:16 Hi Finesse (Millenia)
00:46:07 Mark Petrie (Traction)
00:47:55 Steve Jablonsky (Matrix Of Leadership)
00:49:03 Ramin Djawadi (The Tower)
00:51:28 Audiomachine (Millennium)
00:53:41 Hi-Finesse (Equivalence)
00:55:15 Ninja Tracks (The Machination)
00:56:26 Mark Isham (The Trial of Solomon Grundy)
00:59:00 Lorne Balfe (13 Hours)
01:02:31 Ramin Djawadi (Light of the Seven)
01:04:02 Steve Jablonsky (The fight will be yout own)